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Terms Acceptance

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Changes to Terms

The Company may need to update these Terms from time to time, including circumstances requiring compliance with applicable laws and/or regulations. These changes may affect the User’s rights, responsibilities and obligations with respect to the Site. Although we will publish updates on this page, it is the User’s responsibility to review Terms accordingly. Under no circumstances will the Company be held responsible and/or liable for loss or damages as a result of changes in the Terms.

Should the User submit contact information, we may notify the User via email and provide at least 30 days’ advance notice of material changes (those which may affect the User’s rights, responsibilities and obligations) to the Terms. Following notification, the User’s continued visit and use of the Site will be deemed an acceptance of the updated Terms. If any change is unacceptable, discontinue all visits.

Users must comply with the following eligibility Terms. If the User cannot satisfy all Terms below, discontinue use of the site immediately.

The User must be at least 18 years old when accessing this Site from the United States and/or the age of majority in any country, province, state and/or organized region (hereafter “Jurisdiction”) from which the site is being accessed. Underage gambling is a crime in some jurisdictions; therefore, the User agrees at the time of each visit that he or she has reached the appropriate age to be eligible for visiting this Site.

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It is the User’s sole and personal responsibility to determine which laws or regulations apply in the Jurisdiction from which the User has accessed the Site and to ensure that the User is acting legally in that Jurisdiction by using Site services. If the User has accessed any of the services on this Site from a Jurisdiction other than the Jurisdiction of residence, it is the User’s responsibility to determine that accessing this Site and using the services provided are neither prohibited nor restricted by applicable laws and/or regulations. The Company accepts no liability, and shall not be held accountable, if the User’s use of such services is contrary to or in violation to the laws and/or regulations of the Jurisdiction in which the User is located.

If reasonable cause arises and/or the Company possesses reasonable information to believe, in its sole discretion, that the User is accessing the Site and/or its services in a Jurisdiction in which access and/or use is prohibited, he Company shall be entitled to immediately suspend your right to access the Site.